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Kairos simulation game and quiz: Realize and navigate your time!

A simulation game for hitting the lottery jackpot

A company consists of ongoing decisions. You are all familiar with the classical decision theories, with making secure or insecure decisions involving the features/features like risk and uncertainty.Other methods such as benefit analysis, SWOT analysis and other strategy analysis are well known for transferring those conditions into decisions. There is an ongoing increase of com- plexity and pace.You as an entrepreneur and manager are in charge of answers to your questions. Do the answers come at the right time? You can be mistaken about the exact same decision. Why is that? Are there any other influencing factors besides the environmental ones?

Dr. Karl Hofmann has been spending his whole life looking for the answer to those questions. While he was writing his dissertation, he has made an exciting discovery.

Speaking in terms of quantum physics, what is the highest probability of a successful outcome for me or my decisions? That’s what we call Kairos.

Kairos and Chronos – two unlike brothers: Whereas time runs equally in Chronos, Kairos aims at doing the right things at the right time and place. Sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to seize the opportunity. Chronos signifies the lapse of time. Kairos is the ancient Greek word for “the right moment”. Kairos asks for the individuals’ position in the rhythm of his life. Based on this, development potentials can be determined and vocations can be realized.

The Kairos simulation game, a unique training set designed by Gerd Xeller, makes the theory tangible.
It serves as a diagnostic and coaching instrument in human resources development,
team building, company processes and business strategy.

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